On the waterfront

Great place to walk at any time of day. Night duty police — protect tourists. There is a tunnel under the embankment — a tourist attraction — working from morning (hours from 8 to 22–30 my) — I recommend a ride (ticket costs one way 250 rubles for our money). If you want exciting colorful species skyscrapers — better try to 21–30 — because while walking along the side where you installed the East Tower is iridescent — was super — moved to the other side — lights disappeared somewhere — the same can not shine tower on one hand? Most likely it is switched off at night (although maybe I’m wrong) — but in favor of this is the fact that I was the last visitor Jin Mao Tower — and after care, they turned off all the lights. I think they have time to «H " when they are cut down — so the second time I’ll try to get to the waterfront to 21–30. In the morning, when the river barges loaded with hundreds of crawling on the background of skyscrapers feel firsthand the economic power of China — an exciting spectacle. And more on the waterfront never seemed to me there is no feeling of the crowd — there is spacious and free — although a lot of people really. I am pleased to be coming back here again and again.